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  • Pessoas físicas que moram no Brasil e receberam rendimentos tributáveis superior a R$ 28.559,70 em 2019.

  • Contribuintes que receberam rendimentos isentos, não-tributáveis ou tributados de forma exclusiva, onde a soma tenha sido maior que R$ 40.000,00 em 2019.

  • Quem obteve, em qualquer mês de 2019, ganho de capital na alienação de bens ou direitos, sujeito à incidência do imposto, ou realizou operações em bolsas de valores, de mercadorias, de futuros e assemelhadas.

  • Cidadãos que tiveram posse, dia 31 de dezembro de 2019, de bens ou direitos que contabilizam valor superior a R$ 300.000,00.

  • Cidadãos que, em 2019, tiveram receita bruta estimada no valor de R$ 142.798,50.

Perguntas frequentes

Do you manage social media?

Depending on your needs, I can help you set your social media strategy. But my expertise is customer-centric storytelling, not trending hashtags or gaming the algorithms. My most successful clients build their social media output around the brand-voice blogs, video scripts, and website copy that I write for them.

How do I know what I need?

Every business is unique and has different needs & capabilities. Together we'll devise the right strategy & execution to give you the ROI you need for the budget you have. Your business is an evolving entity. You marketing should evolve with it. That's why Quillpower focuses on lasting relationships rather than high turnover. Schedule a call and I'll tell you what's working & what has room for improvement—no cost, no pressure.

Can you quillpower something I already wrote?

I'm happy to provide copyediting services, as long as you promise to disentangle any emotional attachment to your words and structures. If you're eager to learn the hows & whys of slash-n-burn rewriting, I've got a lot to teach. But if you're likely to be offended by me prompting "What does this add?...Anything? Delete"—then we'd probably have more fun collaborating from bulletpoints and brainstorms. I've also been known to ghostwrite trade publication articles, leadership speeches, autobiographies, and such like. Handled case-by-case.

Will you write a sample piece for me?

You mean for free? Hell naw. But clients often start with à la carte work before moving into retainer agreements. To test the waters in a meaningful way I suggest starting small and discussing your project and budget and what we can achieve with that.

Do you ever offer discounts?

My service prices usually only go up—but because everything I do is custom fit, there's room for negotiation and bundling. Schedule a call to talk further. I also offer a growing list of digital resources for DIY copywriting. Those will sometimes go on discount. Sign up for The Write Stuff newsletter to find out first.

Will I suddenly get rich & famous if we work together?

Define suddenly... For the most part, marketing is a long game. It involves strategy and laying foundations upon which to grow. Content marketing is about building a library of trusted resources, to support and solidify your audience's connection over time. If you have a large email list, you can make beaucoup bucks in one push—but most of my clients are looking for longterm gains to grow their business goal by goal.

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